There are three appointments to this process, the consultation, the photoshoot, and the post production work. The consultation is the first appointment, will last around 20 minutes, and will cover the questions asked below. The photoshoot is the second appointment, where everything we discussed is created. The post production work is the third appointment and is where you will decide which photos you want or ask any additional questions. This appointment may or may not be necessary, depending on your needs.
The questionnaire below is design to help with important decisions about your upcoming photoshoot. If you have any questions about these questions, please let me know. 
1. What is the best date and time? Do you prefer mornings or evenings?
2. What feeling or emotion do you want to capture? Joy, love, playful, sadness?
3. Is there something that you absolutely do not want to see in your photos?
4. Is there something that you absolutely want to see in your photos?
5. Is there a color scheme that you want everyone to wear?
6. Do you need advice on wardrobe selection?
7. Is there a specific pose(s) you would like to try?
8. Do you have a reference photo(s)?
9. How many people will be in the photo? 
10. Do you have any interests you want incorporated into the photos? For example, is there a sport you and/or your family enjoy? 
11. Do you have a specific location in mind?
12. What size of photos do you want? And how many? Are you interested in any of the packages that are offer?
13. Do you prefer posed or candid pictures?
14. What do you plan to do with the photos? For example, will print  the photos to give as gifts? 
15. When do you hope to receive the photos by?
16. Have you reviewed the photo release form?
17. Did someone refer you?