A powerful photographic moment for me was many years ago when my aunt sent a picture of myself at 12 years old (below). Up until that moment, I had always thought of myself as an ugly, awkward child. When I saw this picture, I was completely blown away. Awkward yes, but far from ugly. It was like my very essence had been captured and it completely changed how I viewed self. This experience is something I hope I to share with others, to look at a photo of themselves and be amazed. 
Although I have many interest when it comes to photography, I am drawn to portraiture because I love working with people. Capturing a moment, a feeling, an expression, is extremely rewarding; however, the real reward is providing beautiful pictures to others. I love taking pictures, having my picture taken, and looking at pictures (others and my own). Pictures capture a personal history in which one can return with fondness, inspiration, uncomfortableness, confirmation, or gain a whole new awareness all together.
My number one goal is to provide quality photos that have an impact and meaning. I care deeply about providing photos which represents your vision of yourself, your family and your life and to also capture the unexpected. Is there something that you and your family like to do together? Is there a specific idea or message you want conveyed? We can incorporate it into your photos! I love learning new ideas, growing as a professional, and being challenged to try new things. By being open to other’s ideas, I do just that.​​​​​​​
If you are interested in my services, you may email jmbarvaphotography@icloud.com or call 970-620-4205.